1,000 Gifts

Published November 8, 2010 by imdaddysgirl

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18  “Be joyful always; pray continually;  give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

I am taking the challenge presented by Ann Voskamp @ aholyexperience.com.  I so appreciate her blog and daily challenges to walk closer to the Lord.  I am joining her and many others, collaborating online and in journals to make gratitude a focus in their lives.  So, while I may blog about other things along the way, I will be creating a list of things, people, situations which I’m grateful for.  I encourage you to do the same, whether in a spiral notebook, a scrap of paper in your Bible or in a blog post.

I can’t help but think that this will help us to focus on the positive, find God in all things and become more sensitive and appreciative of people, nature, experiences, and opportunities.  God really is so good!  Won’t you join me?

*I’m grateful for:

1.God’s love and salvation

2.The Word of God

3.Those who have discipled me in the Word of God

4. The best friends in the world


6.Mobility (I saw a patient today who is quadraplegic)

7.Warm puppies


9.Work opportunities

10. God meets my needs

11. Fresh vision


13.Always knowing that I was loved by my Mom

14. A brother who was also a dear friend

15.Funny people

16. Friends who have become family

17. Sunshine


19. A home

20.I always have something to do

21.I can sometimes choose not to do anything

22.A good interview

23. Hope for the future

24. A heart to heart conversation with a friend

25. Being able to really help someone

26. Happy dogs who greet me at the door at the end of a long day

27. Friendly neighbors

28.Reading a good book

29.Teachers who taught me how to read

30. Libraries full of books

31. Crunchy leaves in the Fall

32. Pumpkin festivals

33. Grace

34. The peace that only God can give

35.Sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico

36. Pass a Grille Beach!

37. Clean clothes

38. Good memories

39. Rainbows

40. Butterlies

41. Vacations

42.I’m thankful for roots

43. I’m thankful for new recipes that are good

44.Diverse friends

45.Laughing til I cry

46.Learning something new

47.Creative ideas

48.Time to work on creative ideas!

49.God’s anointing

50. Saturdays!

51. Sunshine sparkling on the water

52. sea birds

53.  The sound of a child’s laughter

54.The moment when you first “get it”

55. The kindness of strangers

56. Sympathetic people in hard times

57. The gift of hospitality

58.Finding the perfect present to give someone

59. Inspired words

60.The sound of the tide rolling in

61.A cool breeze on a hot day

62.Hot cider on a cold day

63.Rooftop time at the Hurricane for sunset

64.Lap dogs

65.A cozy comforter

66. Lazy mornings

67.Rainy days

68. MSU football games

69.Coffee with a friend

70.Discovering a great new place

71.Smiles from a baby

72.Working for good people

73.Getting paid to do something which I love

74.Walking in God’s purpose

75.When something comes ALIVE from the Bible

76.Good humor

77.Praying for someone and knowing you’ve had a breakthrough

78.When God gives you the right words to say

79.Watching a child sleep

80. Seeing a child’s personality and gifts emerge as they grow

81.Photos which capture the moment

82.Songs that make you cry

83.A cool breeze on a hot day

84.The warmth of the sun on a cool day

85.Getting a bit of a tan without getting a burn

86.Water- in all forms

87.I’m thankful for friends who are family and family who are friends

88.Freshly baked cookies

89. Recipes from loved ones


91.Christmas trees

92.Time spent with friends

93.Knowing you’ve done a good job

94.The feeling in your heart when you’ve gone the second mile

95.Inspiring words

96.The smile of someone who is happy to see you

97.Deep conversations that get to the heart of the matter

98.Lights at Christmas

99.Thankful hearts in spite of circumstances

100.Positive people

101. Older people who invest in younger people

102.Younger people who invest in older people

103.Wrapping presents

104.Christmas lights

105.smelling fresh baked cookies

106.Cooking a special meal for friends

107. Not feeling rushed

108.frisky dogs on cool days

109. playing fetch with Phoebe

110. Possibilities

111.Mornings spent in The Word

112.Coming home to a clean house

113.The smell of bacon cooking

114. Learning something new

115.  The moment when “it clicks”

116. The kindness of strangers

117.  When God opens a door

118. Graceful resolutions

119. Cousins

120.People who always believe the best about me



3 comments on “1,000 Gifts

  • 1. I’m never alone. 2. God has filled the empty place in me, I am always full. 3. Husband, I always have someone I am most important to. 4. Best friend, I always have someone to talk to. 5. Home, I always have a place to go. 6. Old feather comforter, I can always be warm. 7. Air conditioner, I can always cool off. 8. Cats, Dogs, chickens, someone is always happy and waiting to see me. 9. God’s word, I am never without directions, hope, promise.

  • I am grateful for my heavenly father who is my strength and my fortress. Who loves me forever and whom I love. I am grateful for a christian husband! We join together and pray about the issues of life , but rest in assurance that our heavenly father is in control.

  • I’m thankful for coffee in the morning so I can be a good person during the day.
    Im grateful that he allows U-Turns…no matter how many you need
    Grateful for Jesus!
    I am so greatful that God didn’t throw me in a ditch because of personal failures and mistakes. I am greatful for His grace and His mercy and His forgiveness!

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